Student Research

Every mathematics major at Lenoir-Rhyne must complete a Senior Research Project, culminating in a final presentation and final written report. Students are not necessarily required to do research that is original to the human race, but it must be original to them, so that they have an authentic research experience, with all the accompanying frustration and satisfaction.

The following is a list of projects I have supervised.

  • n Disks Walk onto a Peg, Katherine Craven, May 2019
  • Once you pop, you can’t stop!”: The geometry of the Pringle and other minimal surfaces​, Natalie Kratts​, May 2018
  • The Power of Happiness​, Cody Mocilan​, December 2017
  • Analyzing Balance and Imbalance Puzzles​, Joanie Rhoades​, May 2017
  • The Collatz Conjecture and Some Cousins​, Chelsea Noel​, May 2017
  • Just Dealing with the Winds and Losses: The Colley Bias Free College Football Ranking Method, by Michael Patrick, May 2016
  • Phylogenetic Trees, Group-Based Evolution Models, and Their Associated Polytopes – Oh My!, by Marie Mauhar, May 2015
  • Limits of Golden Constructions, by Leigha Myers, December 2014
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match: The Stable Marriage Problem, by Amber Longhi, May 2014
  • Impossible Peg Solitaire: With a generous sprinkle of abstract algebra, by Tera Crisp, May 2013
  • A Geometric Approach to the Card Game SET, by Barbara A. Woodcock, May 2013
  • Math in the Cards: The Ins and Outs of Perfect Shuffles, by Samantha Kay Harris, May 2012
  • The Mathematics and Educational Applications of Pascal’s Triangle and the Fibonacci Numbers, by Victoria Young, May 2011